Thursday, June 19, 2008


I've never been one to divulge my sexual exploits here in Blog Universe but eh, what tha hell. I'm at work, lunch is here, I'm tired as shit (explaination below) and I am bored so here goes.

Since Saturday I've had one problem after another. Lost electricity from Saturday afternoon to Tuesday; Fridge died Tuesday so lost all food that wasn't previously lost; boss tryna fire me (that's usual for her lol). Oh, and my beloved Lakers lost but eh, Congrats to the Celts for a GREAT game! With all this crap going on, I was delighted when my cell was all a glow alerting me to a new message. Upon investigation I found it was my lil papi...Imma call him Kickz cause he's got a gazillion sneakers lol. Kickz is about my height, a taste lighter than me, slim (I love my slim boyz *Wink*), nice dick and da ass...*Sigh* (Singin) APPLE BOTTOM JEAAAANNN AND THA... ok i dont' know the words to that dumb song but you get the point.

Anywho, Kickz opens up the convo as usual:

Kickz: Ey punk... How's work?

(Sidenote, he always calls me punk since we met back around February. Ironically I become daddy when he's on his back...go figure)

DMT: Work sucks. What you up to.

Kickz: I'm off today. I kinda want you LoLz

DMT: O werd...

Kickz: Yea man. I want you in me right now! LoL

DMT: Mmmm... :-) Well it's very coozy in there. I love it!

DMT: Well bet, you know where I stay ma dude. Slide thru tonight!

I must say I never hesitate when Kickz comes a calling. We have some AMMMMMAAAAAZING SEX! Actually depending on the day and the mood, it could be some rough bang you out around my crib and I carry you to the bedroom sex (3 Saturdays ago) or some serious, sensual, "can I let my dick tickle the bottom right corner of your heart" kinda sex. Last night was the latter.

Kickz comes in gives me a kiss and this lil fucker can kiss!! Kudos! And we sit on the couch. Mind you, Damnit! while waiting (n sippin some Henny) for him to show fell asleep on the couch, he ended up being downstairs for 15 minutes callin my phone. Hey, it's 11:30! I digress... So Kickz tells me about his day as he's laying on my lap and of course wit his lil sexy ass that close to my dick in the words of Mya Angelo "Still, I RISE!" Needless to say my name changed numerous times from 'Daddy' to 'Damn Nikka' etc. Loved every moment of it.

Relishing the afterglow, we got caught up in our lil light hearted banter and the thought kinda floated thru my brain. Kickz is a really kool dude. I mean he's sexy, light hearted, care free lil papi...the antithesis of Damnit! (outside of the sexy part. Don't get it twisted!). So I told Kickz "Yo we should hang out one day. Maybe hang out in the city one Saturday, walk around, eat. Ya know, kick it." With a smile Kickz was like "Yea that would be kool, punk!" And with a kiss our plans were sealed. I drove him home at 3 am and hence why I arrived promptly to work at 10:30 (suppsed to be here at 9:30 lol) tired as all hell. Was it worth it? For Kickz ass...HELLZ FUCKIN YEA!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Betrayal Revisited

As the cliché goes "Time heals all wounds." Realizing years ago that this statement is absurd to a certain degree, I can agree that time does mitigate the anger one may feel towards the betrayer. And so it goes...

I am by nature a complex man in a simple body. It takes a lot to get under my skin because very few people have the opportunity to get that close to me. The fact that said individual was able to says a lot about him, however, I believe it says more about me. No one likes to have their feelings disregarded, crushed, and their trust bro-ken in two...especially me. It only takes one time for me and I become immune to you. Cold and void of feeling. Unfortunately, with this individual I've only been able to achieve the former. I have however managed to enact these policies when dealing with said individual:

1. No all day text or long convo's. One word answers wherever possible. All comments requiring a larger message is replaced with the word 'Indeed'.

2. Rebuff efforts to meet up and chill. 'Chillin' is not a requirment and will be on my terms, not his.

3. Keep my business to myself. Yea you once were close...'once' being the operative word.

And finally...

4. I forgive you. Whole heartedly. And in doing so, I am free to befriend again having learned a valuable lesson.

Life is about the experiences you have which shape the person you are. I posess a great awareness of self. I know who I am. I am proud of who I am and I am overjoyed at the thought of who I will become as I continue down this path called Life. I am...healed.


Friday, June 6, 2008


I would not venture to say that I am 'well traveled', but I must admit that I'm not one of these katz that has never ventured out of the New York metropolitan area. Of these 50 states that are united (48 contiguous) I have visited Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Conneticutt, Pensylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan...ummmmmmm yea that's it. Oh lest I forget my stint in Columbia with those Districts for my intellectual nutriment. I've also traveled beyond our boarders to Cancun, Cozemel, Jamaica and the Bahamas. Great huh? Seems like I've gotten around huh? Well the problem is that all these places I've been, it's always been with a parental/guardian figure. Never with 'friends'.

In the 4 years that I spent in college my spring breaks were spent at home in New dough. After graduating ya boy was still broke as a joke. It's a damn shame to even admit this but I have not been on vacation in FIVE (5) YEARS!!! LoL. Besides the fact that I'm not the greatest at saving, it seemed like the friends or aquantences I surrounded myself with didn't have the finances necessary to get away. So complacency set in and vacations were spent sleeping and chillin, however, 2008 has been quite eye opening for me. I've had some kind of, I don't even know what to call awakening. There is so much out there that I have not allowed myself to experience because in a way I've been AFRAID to go it alone. I recently began thinking "WTF is wrong with you (insert gov't name here)?! You're not broke like that no more. Da hell is your bitch ass sitting around wasting oxygen for?!"

Having called myself everything but a child of God, I made a promiss to myself that this summer I will emerge anew. As a child I was extremely inquisitive and as a young man I will fulfill my destiny and become an explorer! I've decided to shed the shackles that have kept me stagnant. No longer will I wait nor do I require the company of friends or aquantences to partake in my journeys (although it would be nice but eh, so would a million dollars). The time has come for da kid to do tha damn thing! :-)

Having said all that, I found out thru a friend that the Taste of Chicago is next month around July 4th weekend and ya boy Damnit on yesterday booked his flight and Hotel. Yup, Imma be there tryna see what I can get into. Never been up there so this should be interesting. And as the theme of this post suggest da kid is riding dolo! First time ever. It's like the emancipation of me. Anywho, anybody out in tha Chi tryna get up and show ya boy tha city, holla!!