Friday, August 24, 2007


The door was swung open. The conversation began so simple. We left work... Walked...talked... Boyz passed by (and it seems like everytime I'm with this chick I always see the cutest boyz!). (Excuse the pause but I just finished pleasuring my

Ok, enough of the pleasentries...I finially did it. I've been talking about it for weeks and today on the 24th of August 2007 I finally told my down ass coworker that I get down. How did she take it you ask? Well great actually. How did it happen you may ask? Well I didn't really know what to say. I mean she had taken me thru the intricacies of her dull sexual str8 existence and in a moment of pause I did what any other DL (closeted) dude would do... I sent her a text message. LMAO. Simply put "I wanna tell you something. N don't be all loud Bitch. I'm Bisexual." were my words. I mean I felt she'd be more receptive to that than me saying I'm all out gay. But am I all out gay (Forget the gay sex I just had. That's for another Anywho, she took it very well. She was the fag hag that I'd envisioned her to be. Of course (That's two words btw...) the questions ensued. "What, when, where, how, why?" I answered them in true ~Damnit fashion... "Yes. Now. Everywhere Easily, Because I can. " LoL (As ma nikka coughs in the background... I told him to get under the I honestly don't mind the questions cause I'm well equipted to answer any question posed to me. All n all, it went well. She will be my lil fag hag (no I'm not a fag but nothing else

Interestingly enough, I think she is my antonym. Her attitudinal disposition isn't congruent to mines. She's a liberal democrat (like ma dude), however, a very passionate and driven soul. In other words 'intrigiung'...just my flavor. She wants to have a do I. Complicated as it may be (No not sexually) I think down the road we may broach that subject but for now I think she's gotten enough info. Anyone that knows me knows that I give you just enough n no more... Shade is I began this summer with the mission of gaining a lesbien friend. A failed proposition but I've seemed to aquired an accepting str8 counterpart. I love her...she is my friend (Now I sound like Tyson...LMAO). In any case, who knows. I may be having a baby! Who want's to be the God Father? LoL.

My baby coughs and I must comfort him... I'll holla.

In my Lifetime...


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fire On The Island!

Early morning folks! So yea today me and my boyz (the ones that weren't scared of the sun) went to Fire Island and had a fantastic time! The dudes were wearing what they wear. The females were showing their tits. It was lovely. I flirted a bit. Ok I flirted alot! LMAO. And my ego was stroked by this dude that came up to all of us (it was 9 of us) and said "Are any of these dudes your bf?" to which I answered no. Then he said "Ok kool. Can I take a picture with you?" So we took a picture. Yea he was cute so I ain't mind, however, he was no where as sexy as my baby. I wish he was there with me today. Imma see him later today and I truly miss him. This is the first time we have not seen each other for a whole weekend since we've been talking and although I was a lil excited to be 'free', I realize that I'd rather be shackled for part of the weekend than to not see him at all for a whole weeked!!! It's all good tho. *Sing'n* It's so'n somebody, when somebody loves you back! LoL.

Well this is a short post but it's mad late/early and I need to migrate towards my plush full side Sealy Poster Peadic (if that's how you spell 1 hUneT


Monday, August 6, 2007

Genesis: So Amazing!

No ceremony. No introductions. My personality and the patterns of my thoughts will surface thru my forthcoming entries. Drawing on nothing else but spontanious thought, I will scribe these words to this lil blog thingy and in true 'Damnit' fashion, let those that read it take it or leave it. Having said that, I present to you...Genesis!

Friends... Ya know, I'm a very socialble person but I've never had many people whom I were 'friends' with. For those that know me, know that I'm hardly reserved and seldom do I have a problem expressing my affection or disdain towards you. For this reason I have had many people who didn't care for me AT ALL. Conversely, I have people who find my cander refreshing and value my opion...even if they are on the receiving end of my comments. Undoubtibly my personality and temperment scare many away, however, for those brave souls who remain intrigued find that beneathe this hard shell lies a caring and real individual. It is those few, those proud, those kool ass individuals whom I call friends.

Love... Love is interesting to me. I can tell you want my definition of love is. I can see it, feel it, taste it, envision what it should and could be having not truely been encapsulated by it's warmth and tranquility. I am currently dating someone and things are going good. I'm not one of these people that get all consumed in someone not realizing their flaws and yes, he has his as I have mines. But the wonderful thing about taking the time to get to know someone is that you learn more about those flaws...idiosyncrasies if you will. I've made numerous hasty decisions in the past with respects to love. Considering I am for all intensive purposes still single...well talking to someone (does that technically still make me single in a way...? Hmmm...probably not. Another thought for another blog...), I would say that I wish to not revisit those failed love experiences. So for my friends who will undoubtably read this lil entry if for no other reason but curiosity, for the 12th time NO WE ARE NOT OFFICIAL YET!!! LoL. When it happens, we will direct ya'll to our registry and ya'll can buy us gifts. LoL.

Alcohol... Hmmmmm how to approach this one...? Wait a minute, I'm Damnit! I'll approach it the good ol "Damnit" way. I drink and I like it! There I said it! LoL. Naw but on the real, people have expressed in their own subtle way that I drink a lot to which I respond "Imma social drinker. I just happen to be more social then everyone else." Ya know, when I was younger, I was the worst. Drinking, throwing up all over the place, just a mess. One thing I've learned is that the purpose of drinking is not to get drunk cause you miss out on things. To that end, drinking is sort of like a pastime to me that I engage in responsibly. Now I won't sit here and say that there haven't been those times where I may have had one too many, however, it can be said that I always have my wits about me. But it's all good. I'm quitting soon! LoL.

Well I believe that's all for now. I will try to be more assiduous in updating this lil blog thing. I think my goal with this thing is to allow peeps to see the other side of my personality that is normally not on display during the social gatherings. This is the dawn of a new era on this blog. I've arrived and I'm SOOOOOOOOOO Amazing!