Friday, May 22, 2009

NYC Fleet Week 2009

So yesterday I decided to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather up here in the NYC metropolitian area and what better time then Fleet Week. No not that kinda 'fleet' get your mind out the gutter guys n dolls. Fleet Week is a week long celebration leading up to memorial day which kicks off with the Parade of Ships into New York City Harbor. A stunning sight! On yesterday I went to Central Park to partake in Marine Day and below are some photo's I took.

Some band that was playin some kind of music lol

Take a look at these guns. Bang Bang!!!

I think they wanted her to hold 'it'. LoL.

Some of the gear some of our men n women in uniform wear.

Ya can't really see it but this camera man was sexy as all hell! LoL.

Here's some of the moves I learned

So if you come across a soldier this Memorial Day Weekend, extend a hand and thank them for their service and sacrifice to our great nation. God Bless!

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Jon said...

I was in Battery Park yesterday and I saw many similar sights, especially near South Ferry. I'm glad the Naval officers get to come into the city and enjoy themselves; they do so much to protect us and its nice to see that we as a country appreciate and respect our members of the armed services.

The weather in NYC is also great so that makes everything else work out just fine.

Have a nice Memorial Day weekend Blaqnmild!