Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Ok, why in the world would some IDIOT authorize this photo-op fly over in Manhattan. I just don't get it. LoL. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg called the flights "ridiculous and poor judgement" but I could go further. This administration official, this Louis Caldera is a retarded lil twit that should be plucked from his office like the little tick he is. I mean look at the panic his poor decision caused...

Now, for my lil buddy YB&DL who seems to think that I walk lock step with Republicans on everything from abortion to drinking water, this may come as a shock to him. I truely don't think that OB had anything to do with this lil fly over photo-op shit for one reason. He's far too calculating and methodical and this 'mission' was far too sloppy and retarded to be approved by him. Although Sean Hanity alluded that OB was fully aware of the 'mission' (I keep putting that in quotes because it's laughable to call this a 'mission'. You wasted Jet fuel for a picture that could've easily been photo shopped by a 6th grader! Yet I MUST cut MY carbon footprint to stop Global Warming??? Riiiiiiiiiiiight...LoL), I don't agree. There, I said it. LoL.


While watching the evening news, it's reported that the cost of this lil photo-op that unnerved so many here in the NYC metropolitian area was... *Drumroll* $56,508 per hour. LoL amazing!



fuzzy said...

I dont see the big deal! It was communicated that it would go down. Its not the man's fault that word was not communicated after that! the problem arises from public panic, which again isn't his fault!

I might be insensitive because i wasn't directly effected, or for that much indirectly effeced, by the 9/11 attacks. Security and precautions have been set for our safety to prevent further occurances. PEOPLE NEED TO BE LESS NERVY!

Ailed LittleKnight said...

can I get my cut?

RocaFella07 said...

That was something else.


Mister Jones said...

Fortunately, the guy who authorized this nonsense was asked to resign. LOL @ the White House only releasing one of the promo pics. That one looked very majestic tho.

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

Wow, have I been MIA from your blog that long, that I never read this post, supposedly addressed to me...hmmm

Anyway, whoopy to do...you don't think that this Obama was responsible for this retarded move. What exactly does this have to do with you not walking step in step with Republicans. I'm sorry my big buddy, but just becasue you realize that this sloopy mission was not apart of the Obama decision machine, don't give you ay slack from yours truly!

If you think that Obama is so calculating and methodical, Which by the way I'm going to take a compliment, whether it was or not, and which of course YOUR past president wasn't, then why can't you think postively about his other descions?

I still can't believe you are a Black, Gay, Republican, who knew...I tell you!!!

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

@YB&DL - I do not require any slack from you my young apprentice. Just keep ya eyes open n you'll learn a thing or two. :-p

Eh well don't get too excited. I'm just saying OB isn't that damn stupid! Doesn't mean that I think he's Socrates lol. N LoL@ your attack on the past administration. I thought you'd be over that by now...

Believe it baby boy! You know you still luv me tho!