Friday, September 19, 2008

Ma Bitch has a First Name!!!

As mentioned in a previous post, after numerous years of Sprint pimpin ya boy ~Damnit!, ya boy having been disgusted with the performance of my old phone, finally purchased a Blackberry. The majority (roughly 85%) of it on Sprints dime. However, much like a parent of an unborn child I had no name for ma bitch (affectionately) until my boy O and I gathered for a brief pow wow and all of a sudden she was named!

O named my Blackberry 'Cran' (Due to her maroon color) and I absolutely LOVED IT! We even gave Cran some characteristics which are as follows:

- She's an old white woman with salt & pepper stringy hair
- She's from money, originally from Europe and moved to the US in 1912; she married a black man in 1923 (*Wink*) and was disowned
- Clearly she likes to get it in cause she has 11 kids!!!
- Well educated and pretty swift on (or off) her feet too lol.

Ironically, Cran shares the same life story as my Great Grandmother. Go figure...

Anway, so everyone when ya see her make sure you call ma bitch by name cause 'Cran' goes HARD! LMAO.


Friday, September 12, 2008


I find that the convoluted valuation with regards to the importance of sex and or intimacy w/in the gay lifestyle puzzling. Personally, I just don't understand how some people can mitigate the importance of sex in a relationship or life in boggles the mind. Granted, sex isn't everything, however, it is important and can make or break a relationship.

For many moons (I won't venture to proclaim the number of years I've engaged in this lifestyle) I've conversed with individuals that proudly say that sex is "overrated". A friend and I got into such a discussion on today and I was flabbergasted at the idea that you can have a long term relationship void of intimacy or sex. Intimacy/sex plays a major roll in a partnership and if one party is not 'sexual', where does that leave the other party? Everyone wants to be wanted/desired both mentally and physically. If you want a 'friendship' type of relationship, why not just be friends. Hang out, go to the movies, dinner, etc...and be 'friends', however, to be with me on a lover level, I believe sex is important. I have a friend who was in a long term relationship for a half decade and didn't have that deep bond that would have been garnered thru intimacy because they didn't engage in sex. When they did, it was usually with a third party. The relationship proved to be tasking and ultimately faultered because the individuals didn't have that deep connection. Allow me to retort, great 'friends', failed lovers.

All that said, do you agree with the idea that sex is overrated...? Could you be in a sexless relationship? Just to be clear, my reference to a 'relationship' is in the context of lovers, not 'friends/associates'. Have you ever been in a 'sexless relationship' and how did that experience work for you? I generally don't do solicitation and response post but I await your comments and will go against my self imposed rule and respond after gathering a varying of opinions.

One luv!