Monday, October 29, 2007


I've taken a step back as of late to peruse various blogs and the topics offered by different individuals here...commented on many post and presented how I view the topic at hand. My own space has lacked growth due to the absense of credible thoughts worthy enough to scribe to this electronic notepad. I REFUSE to bore people with everything that happens with me everyday especially when I dismiss most of the bull shyt anyway. However, recently I've been inspired to write a couple of post. One of which was inspired by Mr_Jones who wished to peruse the passageways within my mind with respects to Affirmative Action. I relish the opportunity to share with you all my thoughts on this subject and it will be included within the series of blogs to follow. I will make an effort to complete all of the post this week. I look forward to your feedback.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Roku...And the beat goes on!

Well whould've thunk it? When it all began, I just thought it would be the usual... First month and we're cool. Second month and either he or I would get tired. By the third month I'd be bored and he'd be over my acute personality. Needless to say just this past weekend we've made Roku and flourishing! O YEA! LoL

In case my previous reference has eluded the average reader, my relationships have seldom lasted very long, but this one has past all test thus far. He ignores my overbaring personality when I become an ass hole and I ignore his political views which are usually opposite of mines. Personally I love it! Of all the exciting things happening in my life right now (one of which I won't mention because it's still in the initial stages...stay tuned...), he is probably the most exciting! He calms my spirit. His warmth (mostly HEAT when we sleep) and sensitivity melts the ice that I often form around my heart to protect myself from the ignorant bastards and the insipid debutantes (as some homo's can be whether fem or masc) that roam the Earth. Datz ma Lil Dred!

So for our Roku, he wrote me a poem and outside of a few variations in the words, it's posted on his blog. Said poem was encased not only with glass, but with love to which I say thank you. I am blessed to have you in my life Lil Dred. Cheers to a future of ignoring each other when we're get'n on each others nerves (lol) and continuing to make each other happy day in and day out.

Much Love Lil Dred!