Tuesday, January 20, 2009

THIS moment of clarity...

As bloggers seemingly unapologetic registered Republican, I believe it is necessary to clarify a few things for some people.

- The historic significance of todays' inauguration of our 44th President Barack H. Obama is not lost on me. As an African American I am extremely happy that we as Americans have to a great extent overcome the racial bigotry that has plagued this country for far too long! Granted, I may not agree with President Obama's platforms or policies, however, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the great pride that I was overcome with while viewing todays' events unfold.

- Even tho I disagree with many individuals on the direction this great Union should embark upon, I am overjoyed that the transition of power can be as seemless as it is. There are few countries on this planet where power can cede effortlessly from one individual to another in such a short period of time. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, all must marvel and appreciate the precedence established by our forefathers.

- After a spirited discussion with a very close friend of mines on last evening, I am happy that many of our citizens were inspired by President Obama's campaign, election and accendence to the Presidency and I hope that their interest in our political process will continue to sustain far into the future.

Having said that, I am delighted that I was able to witness this day in history and I look forward to debating the policies of our 44th President with you all. Good night, God Bless you all and may God Bless the United States of America!

Oh, and Michelle Obama looked STUNNING today. The epitomy of a strong BLACK woman! I LIVED for her!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lets Eat!!

So let's see...last time I made reference to my cooking, it was suggested that I take pictures so that you all could see my work. Well tonight while preparing dinner I said to myself "Self, why not let them see what you are preparing to consume for the nurishment of my body in Christ thy Lord, Amen (simple prayer but it works when you're alone lol)." Well here goes. Today's dinner consisted of Turkey wings and cabbage served over white rice. Now, I am my own worse critic when it comes to my cooking so I will say this. The cabbage was a tad bit salty for my taste but the white rice blended well which made it absolutely scrumptious! As for the turkey wings, no complaints. The only person in my immediate family that I think makes better turkey wings than I is my mother and even she can't throw SHADE at my work!
Here's another view. Sorry, I'm not big on staging so please forgive tha kid but eh, ya'll get the idea. Ya hungry yet...?

Here, I made ya'll a plate. What would you like to drink with your meal? With Alcohol or w/out? Nothing hard just a lil mixed drink I concocted. :-)

N this here is the outcome when I combine meat, vegetables and spices to near perfection...empty plates and not because it ended up in the garbage like when your grandmother used to force feed Liver and onions to you in your pre-pubescent years (YUCK!). No sir, when you come to casa de ~Damnit!, your tastebuds will be pleased as some of you are aware. Ask about me! *Wink*

So that's all I have for ya'll today. Happy New Year!