Sunday, October 19, 2008

Angels, Watching Over ME...

Given everything that's going on around the world and w/in our country, it is often good to sit back and be appreciative for the little things. Over the years I have realized that I am immensely blessed. Life could be so much worse but it's not and sometimes a blessing will come out of no where making me feel like there truely are angels watching over me.

Today was no exception. I woke up today feeling like I needed to go shopping. Not for cloths or food but for some things that my apt has been lacking Now anyone that knows me understands two things: 1) I hate shopping & 2) I am not good at interior decorating. It's just not my fortay. After consulting wit my boy Mr. Jones I narrowed down what I wanted to purchase. As I explained to Jones "Baaaaaaaaaby, I need a list cause when ~Damnits! wallet see's the light of day, his Visa takes a beating!" LoL. All that said, the story really is what happened at checkout.

So here I am after cruising the store n slapping my sticky fingers everytime it grabbed something that wasn't on the coveted list of necessities, I walked towards the register line and this seasoned African American woman. She gave off the aura of a wise aunt as she greated me "Hey young man. How are you?" I responded "Well Imma be depressed once you finish ringing up these items."

Aunt BB&B: Oh no baby don't be depressed. Praise God that you can afford to purchase these things because there are people who can't..."

DMT: That's true.

Aunt BB&B: Do you have a coupon?

DMT: No I don't. I didn't know you could use coupons in here...

Aunt BB&B: Of course you can! Imma find you a coupon baby.

So as she rang up my items to which doing some rough math in my head I estimated that I had easily spent $150, Aunt BB&B managed to not find the bar code on one of my items and decided that she wouldn't charge me for it (Price: $16...questionable judgement but I did my part). Then after ringing up my items, she made it her duity to find me a coupon which gave me 20% off my total purchase price. When it was time to swipe my debit card, the final cost went from $150 to $99 n some change. The register read 'APPROVED' and as she handed me my bags, Aunt BB&B exclaimed "Ok baby there you go. You have a BLESSED day!" to which I responded "Thank you ma'am. You do too." In our 5 minute interaction, she became the Angel that assisted me in staying w/in the budget I had set for todays shopping excursion.

Thanks Aunt BB&B!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why don't I have a man...?

- Spinach Salad with hard boiled eggs, tomato's and cucumbers

- Home made mashed potato's sprinkled with some minced garlic & pepper topped with Country Crock butter

- Fresh green beans wit a hint of butter for flavor.

- Tender BBQ Ribs seasoned close to perfection (My momz are slightly better then mine lol)

- *Bonus* Deviled eggs because I love them and just in case I need a late Sunday night football snack!

All of this and it's just me. Imagine if it were you and I...