Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Month...

Time has certainly marched on since I last scribed my thoughts to this virtual notepad... It's been a month. A month since me and Lil Dred split. It's been a month (give or take) since Lil Man was removed from my home. It's been a month since I relieved myself of the stresses that had begun to encompass my life and it has been a month that which I have chose to redefine ~Damnit! For better or for worse, I am Damnit...nothing more, nothing less.

So let's see what do I have to say to the few that read my lil spot on the web. Ummmmmmm I'm still black. My cunning wit has returned but my patience for many has waned. I've been keeping to myself lately and have been trying to become comfortable going out alone in an attempt to meet new people. As charismatic as I am, I tend to be a tad bit reserved when emerced in crowds. I've gone shopping lately in an attempt to change my style. The baggy cloths have been traded in for more form fitting cloths that compliments my new found slim figure. Even in my solitude, I feel sexy. Hmmmmmm...weird huh.

The crew...well ask any of them and they will tell you that I've been noticibly absent even when present. Granted my mind has been else where, wondering, searching for a spark w/in me. It's an enlightening experience, trust.

The single life...WHO THE FUCK created this shit! I forgot how it felt to be single. To be horny and not have anyone to get it in hold; to talk to. It's weird and interesting at the same damn time. Regrets, naw. I don't do those. Conversely, this has been a month I tell ya. Normalcy is returning and I will soon be back to my usual ~Damnit form. Until then I leave you all with this...( ). Whatever you can fit in those brackets, that's what I'm leaving you with. If you truly know me, you'll know what's in there. Cheers!