Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~Damnit! Does Bmore (Not what ya'll think lol)!!

Aiight, so if ya'll have been by Mr. Jones spot on this here blog, ya'll know that I ventured south of the Mason Dixon line to kick it wit my lil homie and was not disappointed as expected. The semi-southern hospitality shown to ya boy ~Damnit! was well received and apprecaited. On Friday we fell into an Urban Arts Exhibition of sorts. It was a chill lil event and not to mention, it was FREE! Free food (YEEESS @ the lil dips for the chicken cabobs and for the veggies) and best of all for a lil lush such as I, free drinks since the event was sponsored by Jack Daniels! FAN-FUK'N-TASTIC! LoL.

"Yo bartender, put a drink in dat boyz hand!!" LoL. Naw but here's one of the pieces at the exhibit. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccceeeee...

The break dancers n backpack boyz were out in force too showing their stuff on tha floor. Ya know ya boy ~Damnit! would've been out on tha floor too but I ain't wanna steal tha show na mean lol. Naw but between this and other highlights that I won't bore ya'll with, I found that Bmore is a fantastic city rich in culture and history that stretches all the way back to Colonial days. Before this weekend Bmore was just a place I used to frequent ta check out the lil clubs downtown. Eh, you learn something new everyday...
All in all, it was a great weekend. Shouts out again to my boy Jones for having me and I will be back soon. Save my parking space yo!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lets do LUNCH!

Every now and again my FH and I take a hiatus from our usual lunch excursions to local salad shops and deli's and decide to have a nice sit down lunch. Yesterday just so happened to be one of those days. As we got to the lobby of our office building she says "Hey, you wanna go to this Japanese resturant? It's so nice. There's a grill at your table and you make your own food!"

~Dam - Bytch, I'm not cooking my food! That's why I'm paying them!

~FH - No seriously. It's really nice (insert gov't here). Come on. It's not too far from here.

I thought about it for a second as I was overcome with curiosity. I agreed and boy was I glad that I did! This place was awesome! The resturant is called Gyu-Kaku (http://www.gyu-kaku.com/) and they have two locations in Manhattan and several others around somewhere lol (hey, that's why I gave ya'll the website!). Honestly, I was so impressed by the ambiance of this resturant that I will definitely bring that special someone there for dinner and drinks. And their lil booths facing 3rd avenue are so conducive to such an occassion with bamboo draw down screnes at each to provide n element of privacy and scerenity (don't get any nasty thoughts ya'll. It's not 'total' privacy LoL). Below are some pix I took:

So how this works is you order what you want from the menu. The meats are marinated and brought out to your table shown above. Both me and the FH ordered a platter that had chicken, shrimp and steak and we also elected to have two lil steak cutlet appetizers.
Here's a table view

Time to throw some meat on tha grill!!!

Here's my FH n I showin our skillz on tha grill!

And after your meal, you even get a scoup of ice cream. Mmmmmmmm...

The food was excellent and the total tab was $80 (Yes, $80 for lunch. Not our most expensive lunch outting by far and let's not EVEN get into how much I spent on lunch with my pops one day LoL). The food was well worth the cost even in 'this economy' as Mr. Jones would say.

So if you're roaming thru the city and wanna grab a delicious meal, I would definitely recommend this spot. Your stomach will surely welcome the break from Applebee's, TGI Fridays, etc. :-)