Sunday, August 30, 2009

Not much to say...

So yea I've been gone for a good lil while but there's a perfectly good explanation for that. Ain't shit really going on (excuse my french). I mean eh, I'm pretty much back into the swing of things at work. Job is going great so far. Much more responsibility than I've ever had in past positions which is a great thing. So that's a bright spot.

My personal life is well, at this point non existant. Not tryna dwell on it na mean. It is what it is.

So another good thing about being back on my grind professionally is that I now have the income to fund some of the extracurricular activities I was accustomed to one of which being the gym. If ya'll remember most of last year I spent tryna get my body together to unveil this summer. Unfortunately stress from my previous job (Read: pergatory) and the subsequent parting of ways made it difficult to maintain what I had worked for. Although I am not fat or obese I clearly am not pleased wit my lil stomach. Further, others recently made comments about the tum tum that kinda cut like a knife. Having said all that I am back in the gym and I have been consulting all of my gym-o-holics as to what I should do to chisel out this temple of mines. So far the consensus has been that it's not the exercises or my diet, but it is my determination and work ethic. Yea my brain wants it, but the motivation to do it needs to surface. I agree. Oy be a cartoon character where someone can just come and paint a nice body on ya lol. Anyway, I'm fitna get up and head to the gym as we speak. Wish me luck folks.

Ummm nothing else to say besides that. I'll be in Atlanta next weekend so (if anyone actually still reads this) for those of you whom reside down there keep ya eyes open for tha kid. I'll holla!



Curious said...

Oh look who dropped in. "Keep ya eyes open for tha kid," would that be the kid with the pot belly?

Take it from me, you can work out as hard as you want everyday for the rest of your life, but if the diet isn't right you'll never see what you want to see. You need to cut out the $80 lunches and try a soup and a salad instead.

thegayte-keeper said...

Nice to have you back...

YBandDL Bad PYT In the Closet at Hearbreak Hotel said...

Gayte Keeper he isn't back...this is his I'm still alive post...just to let us know that he isn't dead or anything... if he was back he would visit other blogs....hmmm I don't even see you visiting your boy, Mr. Jones blog....

What with this there is nothing to write about BS, that people be pulling?
I never stopped posting becasue of lack of something to say. Mine has always been becasueof lack of focus, big difference.

Would you like me to come up with things for you to write about, becasue I could?

For starters what in the hell happen when you got to Atlanta, huh?

Nigga Palease!!!

RocaFella07 said...

I cant wait to hear about that ATL trip. LOL!


Mr. Jones said...

Going a for a solid 2 months w/o a new post, huh?

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