Thursday, December 11, 2008

Da shit that makes me LAUGH!

Yea yea yea it's been a good minute I know. To be honest, I didn't have anything to talk about so why bore any of you. Of course I commented on many of ya'llz thought provoking post. Anywho, in the past couple of days I've come across some things that made me laugh. Either they'll make you laugh also or have you lookin at me like "Damnit, you're an ass!" Either way, here we go.

So, everyday at lunch time me and PG (Pussy Galore: My Fag Hag) take a lil stroll around the city to converse about what's going on in our lives. Personally, I take the opportunity to marvel at the handsome men wondering around the city. She, in turn forces me to accompany her shopping for whatever her heart desires. On Monday we stumbled into a boutique to purchase some panties for her and wallaaaa...

Now lol...I've NEVER seen panties this big! Yes I know there are large women out there but this shit cracked me up! Just to keep things in perspective, PG is about 5'8, 150 lbs (If I'm off PG, don't hit me...she's a Trenton, NJ 'I'll fuck you up' type a chick!) girl. But yo, we BOTH were DYING to see panties this big. Funny thing is when I exclaimed "I didn't know they made those that big!" she responded with "Well, did you think big chicks just walked around free ballin it?" Chicks wit comment LoL. But yea, that made me chuckle...n chuckle...n, well ya'll get the point. What made the shit even funnier was when the employee asked us "Are ya'll finding what you need?" I responded "That and so much more!"

**Disclaimer: I don't hate on big people like that, but GOT DAMN! Dem some HUGE Panties!!***

Needless to say, we've (or I...hehe) have devised a plan for a friend of hers for Christmas (I'll update ya'll on that later)

Next, during todays walk I was shocked by this image. I know people are lazy but I mean damn. Conversely, I do applaud Duane Reade for promoting increased consumer spending during this recession that I have chosen NOT to particpate in. I give you pix number two:

In the words of Mr. Jones "Now waaaaiiiiiiiiiiitttttt...." Never in my life have I seen a basket on wheels! This shyt was hilarious to me today. I mean I guess the convenience of it all is kool but damn... Ya gotta love Duane Reade. They said "We want you to shop, and if that means you don't want to carry all your items, just pull that shit behind you. I LOVE IT! Iono.
Well here's a lil light hearted post from me. Nothing serious going on over here but it was time for an update. Everyone be safe!