Tuesday, February 5, 2008

IT'S TIME: Update!

This will be short, sweet, and to the point... The CFO has been FIRED! It happened yesterday while I was at home chillin. The announcement was made today! I can't help but be giddy! I don't want to take pleasure in other peoples pain, however, shit is hitting the fan finally and I can't help but to be happy. Next on the list is my boss. She's on the chopping block too. As for me personally, my resume has been out there for 2 weeks and I'm happy to announce that I've actually had to turn down positions! GOD IS GOOD! I am prayerful and as I've stated before, I ask God to have mercy on those who've forsaken me. God is good!

Lil man has been here for a week now and things are going good. He is a work in progress but the progress has been striking. I am happy that he is here and I look forward to being a positive influience in his life. I love this boy as a older brother loves his young patawan. He will be ok.

My Super bowl shindig went well. I had 20 peeps here in my house and I proved to be a great host! Everyone seemed to have fun and everyone respected my household. I love all of my friends and aquantences! We will do it again.

All I have to say is God works in mysterious ways. I can only sit back and marvel at his greatness. I love you all! I pray for everyones sucess in the days/months to come.