Thursday, January 24, 2008


For nearly two years now I have been surrounded by individuals for 8+ hours a day, five times a week with an occassional Saturday who lack the integrity of a feline, the poise of a flacid penis, and the intellectual magnitude of a jelly bean! I've dealt with incompetence abound from the CFO in a mid-life crisis fucking a subordinate to the Boss that thinks her job is to avoid all accountability to the continuous insanity on display daily. However, todays events have prodded me into action. IT'S TIME!!!

Today, my friend and coworker was fired not for work performance, but for speaking out against the 'status quo'. People continuously telling you "You're not doing your job" or "You need to give more time" or "You're getting and not giving back", etc... What's worse is that when other people (of different nationality I might add...of the orient) sit there and say that they are 'overwhelmed' and get stripped of their responsibilities but I and my friend a few others are told that they don't care about our workload..."Do your JOB", it's a slap in the face. And I've had enough of the bull shyt! I have also spoken up and our division has even made suggestions on how to effectively change the department to get the work done only to get smacked down by the CFO saying "This is how it is. No changes will be made! The work has to get done so make it happen!" That was two months ago and last week we were called into a meeting to tell us that the same work is not getting done due to an inefficient process. Then the audacity of this bitch to ask for suggestions on how we could get the work done after I had worked 12 hour days for 2 weeks, six days a week only to be told it's not enough...?! FUCK THEM!

IT'S TIME!!! I began my search for a new job a few weeks ago and the quest for a new gig has hastened since last week and now today's dose of bull shit! I have an appointment with a head hunter tomorrow for a position for which I'm qualified. Hopefully this meeting will lead to an interview and ultimately exclaiming like Della Reese "Kiss my EN-TIRE ASS!!!" I am studying for the LSAT's and God willing will be enrolled in Law School (NYU here I come!) in the Fall of 09. The Bible says "He will make your enemy your footstool!" I will pray that the Lord is merciful...


PS: I got my apt and it's cool. Everything is going well and I'll update ya'll later.