Friday, September 14, 2007

Word of the Day...History!

Everyday I send a 'Word of the Day' to my friends via text. Sometimes lighthearted and other times inspirational. Lil Dred felt this was a message that others would appreciate as much as he did and so I present to you all...the Word. Enjoy...

Word of the Day...History!

Gone are the days of flashy chains and thangs. Gold ropes were dope but now it's more about givin our young brothaz hope. Train a child in tha way he should go yea I know but where I'm goin the children can't roll. Fall back and pick em up, show them the ropes? I can dig that but will they dig me in my baby blue button down n my manicured Stacy Adams spewing prophetic words? Who knows but we've gotta try to change his story on the streets before our brothaz become history in a blink! One Love!

Happy Friday!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Missing (Deleted) Comment...

**The following is my comment in its entirety that was deleted from the post in question**

(I refuse to loose my religion for the first 2 minutes of my post)

You know, I was really thinking about posting my thoughts about this current situation but hesitated and after some thought decided that it would be best to deal with this outside of this lil website. However, someone has decided to take the bedraggled laundry out to wash it. Hence I'm forced to add some detergent, after which I refuse to speak on this bull shit again!

Yes I did state that I wanted a laptop and yes because your profession involves computers, I asked for your opinion about which one would be best for me. It did not take us 2 days to decide on a machine, it took ONE! However, if you would like to give it TWO or more to increase the BURDEN you felt, fine. I was prepared to apply for credit to purchase said laptop on my own but you offered to use your Dell card because you already had an account. Reluctantly I agreed and did thank you and was grateful. Being responsible, I signed a promisary note and have been keeping as you know track and recepts of the payments I've made to you. Your fucking problem (sorry I tried) is that you don't seem to grasp the concept of a fucking MONEY ORDER!!! As I've explained to you it is a CASH NOTE! If I'm walking down the street and it falls out my pocket and someone picks it up, they can easily write their name on it and take it to a bank, or to a supermarket, or to a 7 eleven (if they accept money orders) and receive CASH IN HAND!!! WHY IS IT THAT YOU DEPOSIT A FUCKING MONEY ORDER INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT TO CLEAR IS STILL BEYOND ME! As I told you before when you said you brought it to the teller and she told you that it takes 24 hours to clear, you should promptly request an audience with her Supervisor and then the Branch Manager if that fucker is an idiot too! The reason I did not bring the MONEY ORDER to the party that we went to on Friday, AGAIN, is because I did not want to run the risk of loosing it in transit because as I've said once lost, that's $$$ gone! No going to my bank and saying "Oops" because they won't give a fuck.

Next, I love your time frame for when I brought you the MONEY ORDER but let me inject some FACT into your story. You called me at 12:57 pm and I did say I would bring it to you when I got up. I dropped off the MONEY ORDER at your house at 1:41 pm! LESS THAN A HOUR AFTER WE SPOKE! When I spoke to you at 12:57 pm, you ended the conversation by saying "Ok well I'll be here." So when I showed up LESS THAN AN HOUR LATER to drop off the Money Order, you got mad because I didn't call and stated "What if I weren't here? What if I had left?" Well since it had been less than a hour after I had spoken to you, if you were going to step out, would you not call knowing that you told someone you were gonna be home? Either way, I was not mad because it was a non issue to me. It didn't become a fucking issue until YOU called me 4 minutes at 1:45 bitching as to why I didn't CALL YOU to let you know I was coming. During said conversation where you asked me why do I wait til 3 days before it's due to give you the MONEY ORDER (Imma keep putting that in caps hoping it will stick!) and in your words "You just don't care because it's not your credit!" to which I replied "I would never do anything to fuck up your credit because I know how important credit is."


BnM- Have you ever had to pay a late payment due to when I've given you the MONEY ORDER?

JB- That's not the point.

BnM- Again, have you ever had to pay a late payment due to when I've given you the MONEY ORDER?

JB- That's not the point BnM


JB- Almost.


JB- No.

BnM- So what the FUCK is your problem?!

Never the less, at the end of that conversation, I said to you "JB, fine. I will make sure that like rent, on the first of every month until the bill is paid, you will have said MONEY ORDER in your hand. Will that be satisfactory to you?" You said "Yes" and I hung up. Issue resolved.

To me the issue was resolved. When we went out to dinner with our friends you brought it up there and I told you there was nothing to talk about because we resolved it. Two of our friends wanted to know what the problem was and why you were mad at me. I told them because they are...our friends. The night went on...

It wasn't an issue again until your email to my job said "Morning. How are you?" and then in the next paragraph decided that you wanted to rehash the past that had already been resolved. Normally I would not entertain such foolishness but because YOU say that I am 'dismissive' to you and your feelings, I decided to hear you out and to calmly go back and forth with you about an issue that AGAIN had been resolved 2 days prior. The conversation started at 11 when you arrived at work and after 2.5 hours of going back and forth with you not only talking about this issue, but you taking little pot shots at me saying "This is why you don't have friends" and "I hope Lil Dred" (dude I'm dating) "can deal with you" and "hopefully this one will last", my patience had petered after you ended an email with "Make sure you have the money to me early, UNDERSTAND." I am not your fucking child and I do not wish to go back and forth with this childish shit! Unless you have something else to discuss, I WILL NOT engage in ANY conversation concerning this matter PERIOD! And after two and a half hours of going back and forth with you, you ended the convo with "Yes. Dismiss me like you always do!" calling me stubborn and 'pigheaded'. Cool.

I am not nor have I abused you nor your credit as your reference to your Aunt would suggest! I pay the bill and on time (hence no late payments). As I've stated before, you have a personal problem that you need to deal with. I take issue with the fact that you would use this venue to spin your lil sob story. It was a cute read. The issue is closed for me.

The MONEY ORDER will be given to you on the 1st of every month.



LoL... I Love It!!!

Hmmmmmmmmmm... It would seem that a comment I left on a certain page has been removed by it's administrator... Unfortunate, however it was not unexpected. The truth hurts.

I have saved said comment and will post it on my own blog later this evening for those interested to read.

Jay- in response to your comment, a date of repayment was set up for a year (12 months) of the purchase date stated on the promissary not signed by me and JB. No this note did not state the exact date each month. That was an error. Also, I have money order recepts showing the dates of these Money Orders remitted to JB which will show that they were not all '2-3 days' before the due date. In fact the Money orders are remitted to JB on the 8th which is when he received August 07' and Sept 07'. This can be proven by bank statements and recepts

It was not my intention as I stated in my comment to his blog to post about this or bring friends into it because the issue had been handled. However, a certain individual chooses to air dirty laundry so it is what it is.

Post is forthcoming...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blast from the Past!

The following is a post that I did June 9th of 2006 which is posted on my live journal blog. Just some thoughts I had floating around at the time. Toss it around in ya heads and see what ya'll think...

Nu Beta Alpha - The Self Pledging of my People

Morning LJ. Man it's been a couple months but once again I have been inspired to crawl out of bed in the early hours of the morning to have a lil talk. As always our conversations are a result of something I've experienced in life or recently...this time is no different, except the catalyst for this entry is the dream I've just awaken from.

See I don't know wheither you're familiar with fraternity life LJ. Yea it's all fun and games, mostly business once you're out of school...the pledging. Who was "made" right and who "skated". You gotta love it. LoL don't laugh LJ it's a big deal na mean. I've been fortunate (or unfortunate depending on the day of the week...) enough to have been on both sides of the "made" argument. But interestingly enough, I found that my experiences w/in my own frat closely parallel's my experiences as a young black man growing up in this great country which brings me to this hypothesis: We as African Americans pledge each other each and every day.

I was having a political conversation with one of my roommates some time ago which somehow ventured off into our own personal experiences growing up. Who's experience was easier, what we went thru and so forth. And in the heat of battle (as I affectionately call all my debates), I made the comparison of the Black American's Experience to one big Fraternity. See, if your parents worked hard, did the right thing, got an education and did right by their offspring, well their children would be considered to have had a 'silver spoon' (or bronze in my If your parents went thru some kind of adversity perceived to be greater than the next individual, then they are more real. It goes towards this question in Fraternity lingo of being 'Made' or 'Skate'n'. See if you're 'MADE', that means you pledged HARD LJ. You been thru some shyt, you know ya shyt! But if you 'Skated', you ain't been thru shyt...paid a couple dollars to wear the letters. You might say Hmmmmmmmm.

LJ, I propose we give this black American fraternal experience a rightful name since the simularities are so stark. Nu Beta Alpha. Here I'll break it down as such. See our ancestors were brought to this country and called Nigger's. Forced into servitude for hundreds of years. Back then, everybody was 'made' right! Well except for the house negro but to an extent they were made as well. In the early 1900's we came into our own and became more than niggers and negros...we became Black. A state of awareness of self; of the lies that were being taught by our former slave masters and the truth that could be extracted from their behavior towards us. Currently we are (or strive to be) African Americans. No longer (to an extent) succeptable to the lies and corruption of those that onece oppressed us in the past. The transition thru these stages has been long.

What I find interesting about Nu Beta Alpha is that we have taken control of the organization and turned it on ourselves. Kinda like kids/young adults running around affectionately calling each other 'niggas'. For those of us that are striving to be better than our ancestors, to do exceedingly well, and in turn succeed...well somehow it's a fluke or we had it easy. Even if our past is littered with trials and tribulations, once we've overcome those, it's like we were never 'MADE' right. Somehow that 'MADE' status is lost or striken from us by those who have not MADE it yet. Again this is self inflicted now days because I personally believe that for all the grief and strife we put on each other about what the 'white man does', they honestly don't pay us any mind. They are more inclined to let us dismantle and destroy our own communities. Have we...has Nu Beta Alpha become so strong and prevalent in our community that we are actually doing what they have wanted to do over the century's but were unable to do? Nu Beta Alpha has been alive and strong much longer than any of the Divine Nine (especially the Iota's...ewwwwwww lol) who are just beginning to celebrate their centennial. Do we as a people continue to use our fraternity as a means to divide and conquor ourselves for eternity or a means to build each other up and make ourselves stronger? I don't know the answer to that LJ. Even within my own fraternity, the animosity between those who were 'MADE' and those who 'Skated' is so deep, it's hard to fathem how the organization has survived this long. A songwritter once said "I've come this far by faith! And it is faith that will lead me on!" So hence, my heart tells me that faith in my people will continue to lead all of us to a better place. I guess only time will tell LJ. Until next time... ~1~